This October, Google released an addition to their analytics software called Demographics. This update enables users to track their audience by categories including age, gender and interests. This data is useful in terms of tailoring content and advertisements to the audience in order to maximize conversion rates.

In order to start collecting data, Drupal users must update their domain settings and then update the analytics settings through Google’s dashboard.

On the Drupal side:

  1. First, Navigate to “Search and Advertising” at /Admin/Config/System/Googleanalytics.

  2. Check the small box labeled “Track DoubleClick Data”

  3. Save the changes

On the Analytics Side:

Within Google’s Analytics dashboard, users must make a few simple changes in order to validate the new code. Open the Demographics Overview Report for the domain and select “enable,” which should be located over the summarizing paragraph at the top of the page. Click “validate tracking code” when prompted.

These new demographics should start tracking immediately and appear in your Google Analytics dashboard within 24 hours. To get the most out of this update, users should tailor their goals and targets and adjust their current plans accordingly. If done correctly, this update can raise the value of a site immensely by shedding light on the previously darkened faces of website audiences.