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At the start every semester, UT students’ inboxes are buzzing with mass emails from professors, organizations and students who can’t read the syllabus. Recently, the Daily Texan rolled out a refreshing new email that contains up-to-date and interesting news headlines, keeping the UT community informed of top stories like the recent fork stabbing, disturbing on-campus A&M graffiti and the latest Longhorns game. Ladies and gentlemen of campus, we proudly present: The Daily Digest.

DT’s “Delta Project” has been working to redesign and reinvent the Daily Texan website, and the digital team has been constructing new and sponsorable platforms like the Daily Digest to engage DT’s audience. The Daily Texan’s objective is to deliver daily news to the UT Austin community, and in that same spirit, the Daily Digest is a daily newsletter that delivers the top Texan headlines to thousands of UT students, faculty and fans. While some sort of Daily Texan newsletter has been around since 2002, the newly-redesigned digest offers more relevant, engaging content in a simpler, more visually-appealing format.

According to Pew Internet, checking email is the third largest task that people perform on their mobile phones.The Daily Texan’s mobile traffic has increased by 194 percent in the last year, and in keeping with these trends, the Daily Digest was converted into a mobile-optimized format. The newsletter’s subscriber list has grown by more than 800 percent since May, and the monthly impressions have increased by 1000 percent. As of last month, the Digest has become the eighth largest monthly traffic source for the Daily Texan website, su600 new email subscribers and an average of 250 new followers for each of its 13 social media outlets.rpassing ESPN, Reddit and Bing. As the DT Delta Project progresses and more Daily Texan fans become aware of the Daily Digest, it will have an increasingly greater overall digital impact.

On Wednesdays, the Daily Digest also features content from all the Texas Student Media properties like KVRX, TSTV, the Texas Travesty, the Cactus Yearbook, and Longhorn Life in addition to the Daily Texan headlines. This connects the longhorn community to the latest news and happenings in music, comedy and student-run TV weekly.

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